Welcome to Brownhills Methodist Church

Brownhills Methodist Church is situated on Silver Street just off the High Street. For over 50 years it has been at the spiritual, religious and social heart of the community.

The aim of the church is to reach out to the community of Brownhills and the surrounding area enabling all ages to develop a closer relationship with God.

We are a church that welcomes everyone regardless of age, race, disability, colour, creed or sexuality.

We would be very pleased if you joined us at one of our services or events, detailed on this website or on our facebook page

For information about Weddings, Baptisms or Funerals please contact 

Rev Elizabeth Dunning Tel: 01922 445802


Please continue to wear face coverings, sanitise and keep social distancing, when coming to church as national restrictions are introduced

During this time the church, like many other charities and organisations are unable to meet and raise funds as we would normally do.

If you feel you would like to contribute a financial gift for the continuing witness and community facilities for Brownhills please either click the link below to donate online or get in touch with us directly to arrange this.

Thank you all.